Ah, LGH. We thought this was so good back in ‘08. It wasn’t. I even submitted this thing to film fests, confident it would not only be accepted, it would surely sweep the awards. (“We DIDN’T get into Sundance?! What the FUCK?!”) You can detect early traces of the A Set of Works style.
- Joey B., May 2012, over analyzing LGH & acting like it’s the early work of someone much better than him

Get ready for a story about two buddies and their love of big, beefy women.

For friends and roommates Joe and Kyle, what starts off as just another routine night turns into anything but. They decide to take part in the greatest American pastime since grown men started getting drunk and playing softball: they’re going hoggin’!

With such soon-to-be classic lines as “What’s up there, pole-smoker?” and “All I wanted was a rimjob from some fat bitch”, you’re guaranteed to be quoting it for at least a couple of hours afterwards.

Critics (and by “critics” we mean “some guys we know”) are raving about Let’s Go Hoggin’. Don Howard from the twelfth floor of our apartment building says, “It’s not the best fifteen minutes of your life, but it’s better than watching one of those awful Tyler Perry movies.” And Dean Cain (no relation to the actor, unfortunately) hails, “I laughed once or twice.”

So prepare to laugh your ass off, and please, if you don’t like it, eat shit.