This was one of the earlier projects we did. Probably ‘08. There’s some very funny stuff amid the filler.
- Joey B., May 2012

“BB-Gun 2 The Taint” is a four-part documentary we shot over the course of a couple of months (mostly because we didn’t know what the fuck to do for weeks on end) in which we put our man KB, quite possibly the biggest dildo alive, through a series of mental and physical challenges. It was an attempt to toughen him up for the finale when we were going to shoot him in the taint with a bb-gun, which is why it has such a clever name.

WARNING: Do not watch if the sight of a man’s asshole that bears a striking resemblance to a fat cunt will offend you.

Cum on the Pillow, Mental and Physical Toughness

The Two Beer Queer, The Tip-Off

Eating Cocks and Brains, When Hogs Attack

The Retard Haircut, The Shot, The Conclusion